A week ago, I posted the above youtuberconfession. In response to seeing Corey’s reaction (as well as the rest of the ApprenticeA team’s reactions) to my post I wanted to write a snail mail letter explaining my post. I decided however, to do that here instead in hopes that other people might take something from it. 

A year ago, I was in a completely different place than I am now. I had been battling depression for several years. I was going to school full time and working full time. Despite promising myself when I was younger that I would not become a slave to responsibilities and habit, I was in an endless cycle of sleeping 4 hours a night, working 7 days a week, and basically living in the library in order to do school work. I had forgotten to live. My idea of fun was looking up plane ticket prices for imaginary trips around the world. If only I could get out and see the world, I thought, I would be happy. I continued to discourage myself by reminding myself that I didn’t have the money or time to see the world. 

It was about this time that I began watching the ApprenticeEh vlogs. Quickly they became a lifeline for me. It became routine to watch a vlog every night before bed- in fact, the vlogs helped me overcome my insomnia. No longer did I stress every night before bed. Here was a group of people who were doing what they loved, living with people they loved, and experiencing life the way they wanted to. Over the first few months of watching the vlogs, I learned an important lesson. I needed to live like this. The only one with the power to pull me out of my monotonous life and experience the world was myself. I needed to make the decision to enjoy life and live it the way I want. 

This revelation came at the perfect time. I heard of an opportunity to spend a semester living at and studying the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t going to let myself get discouraged this time, I took what I learned from Corey and ApprenticeA and made a decision to do something I would love. To my surprise, I was accepted into this program. I applied non-stop for scholarships and won them, in fact, I won enough to pay for the entire semester. I quit my job, put my things in storage, moved out of my apartment, and started on my 1,300 mile journey to Arizona. 

I am halfway through this semester. My grand adventure has been completely life-changing. I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity. School and jobs can wait, adventure is a once in a lifetime chance. 

Thank you Corey and the rest of ApprenticeA for the inspiration you gave me. I’m finally living my life the way I want it. I’m finally happy in what I am doing. 

Next stop, Norway. :)

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